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Andrew Dorsey

Awesome place, feels like a legit Japanese building, food was great, its a bit a pricy but it’s well worth it

Kouichiro Kishi

Always great food! Authentic Japanese cuisine as much as they can offer around Lexington, Kentucky.

Albert Ortiz

Great service and best sushi I have had in a very long time


We bring the original taste of Japanese cuisine.

We use the following five methods of cooking: cut, boiled, grilled, steamed, and fried. Our food can be classified into five categories: sour, bitter, sweet, spicy, and salty. Overall, our goal is to enhance your enjoyment through use of the five senses. (visual / auditory / smell / tactile / taste)



Since 1987

Since we opened in 1987 in Lexington, Kentucky this restaurant has satisfied many businesses and families as an authentic Japanese restaurant. We offer sushi, appetizers, noodles and other various entrees during our lunch and dinner hours.


Monday to Friday

11:30am – 1:30pm(Last Order)

Monday to Saturday

5:30pm – 9:00pm(Last Order)


Japanese Food Culture

Due to various climates throughout Japan, food has developed in unique and distinct ways. Food is central in connecting people of traditional culture to local customs, festivals, and annual events.



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To reserve a table please call us at (859) 254-1911 or click book a table, which will direct you to our telephone number.

We hope to see you soon! Thank You!

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