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Expectations Exceeded with Variety

We offer sushi, appetizers, tempura, noodles, hot pot, and chef choice specials that change every day.

Our nigiri-sushi is a bite-sized vinaigrette rice ball with a slice of raw fish or shellfish on top. We also have tempura, which is battered and deep fried seafood and vegetables. Additionally, we offer ramen, udon, and soba. These noodles are distinct from one another and unique in their taste. To complement all of our dishes described above, we offer appetizers that will make the meal even more delightful. Despite our best efforts to describe the taste of Japan, we cannot. Therefore, we invite you to try!


Sarah H.

Me and my boyfriend had made the drive recently and will be coming back!! Everything was delicious and the service was super quick…

Brittnie Peck

Some of the very best Japanese food I’ve had in the U.S.Authentic food and experience and really friendly service.Also, always very welcoming of our little one.

Kay Faircloth

This is my favorite Japanese restaurant in Lexington , great food , and raw fish is so fresh and good ! Highly recommend


Culture of Japan

In Japanese culture, greetings are an important part of partaking in a meal. Before beginning a meal, the words “Itadakimasu” are expressed, meaning “Let’s eat” or “Let’s start”. Similar to the beginning, the words “Gochisosama” are expressed. However, this is said after the meal, which shows deep appreciation for life, nature, and the person who prepared the meal.

The food culture in Japan is vastly different from the United States. Firstly, Japanese people lift the rice bowl or any type of soup bowl with one hand when eating. Secondly, slurping noodles, like udon, soba, or ramen, is considered very polite.


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